CD, DVD and Blu-Ray disks for Sale in Elizabethtown, PA

Bought these wireless Bluetooth headphones recently, decide to open them up and test them out but didn t like the style so I put them back in the box and now want to sell them. These headphones are meant to rival beats wireless headphones but at a much cheaper price, completely wireless or can be used with the include cable for wired use. Basically new barely used headphones, they retail for $5...
Trying to clean out space so I was getting rid of some older movies I no longer watch. Want to sell everything together as a lot, mostly DVD s but there are some blu rays. What you see picture is what s up for sale some of the discs do not include original cases but everything is in good condition. Some of the titles included are: DVDs of Pirates of the Caribbean stranger tides 13 hours Hercule...
1.The grudge ($3) 2.The grudge 2 ($3) 3.The grudge 3 ($3) 4.Disturbia ($3) 5.Wishmaster/Wishmaster 2 ($3) 6.Wishmaster 3 (unopened)($5) 7.The Texas chainsaw massacre the beginning ($3) (2 copies) 8.Red riding hood ($3) 9. Dark harvest ($3) 10. Dark Harvest 2 ($3) 11.Motor home massacre ($3) 12The last house on the left ($3) 13. High tension ($3) 14. Pet Sematary ($3) 15. Pet Sematary 2 ($3) 16....
See more pic of back of card
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