20-Jul-2018Manchester, PA +10 milesEducation Jobs
My interest in working in education began as a college student, when I worked as a lab assistant in a college chemistry class and a high-school AP Biology course. After recognizing how rewarded I felt when I could help other people understand something new, I decided to get into environmental education. I spent roughly 3 years in various environmental education programs, working outdoors with l...
20-Jul-2018Harrisburg, PA +21 milesEducation Jobs
I'm a recent graduate of Lock Haven University with degrees in English and French. I tutored French throughout my sophomore year of college. I also studied abroad in Caen, France where I studied French language and culture. I'm well-versed in English grammar as I have completed an editing internship with the Etruscan Press and worked on LHU's newspaper throughout my junior and senior year of co...
20-Jul-2018Middletown, PA +9 milesEducation Jobs
Have over 18 yrs of background in Pennsylvania state politics and government. Worked on numerous political campaigns .I have formulated communication platforms to constituents and media; drafted communications to include speeches, letters, press releases, media copy, talking points, etc.; assisted in identifying legislative priorities and policy initiatives; and provided counsel on legislation,...
20-Jul-2018Harrisburg, PA +21 milesEducation Jobs
I am passionate about learning and education. I love all things history science and math. I am currently finishing my degree in psychology and will move on to being a student councilor. I LOVE children all ages and I am young and energetic and creative. There is no wrong way to educate yourself. I believe education is the way of the future and understanding the past and present.
20-Jul-2018Annville, PA +13 milesEducation Jobs
Hi, my name is Trevor Dugan. I am a student at Lebanon Valley College studying Early Childhood Education. I used to be a peer tutor in middle and high-school and continue to help my many cousins and sister today. I graduated high-school with a 4.0 GPA and am very good at the following subjects: algebra, english, chemistry, biology, social studies, lower math, reading, writing, and german. I als...
20-Jul-2018Spring Grove, PA +26 milesEducation Jobs
I work in financial education teaching concepts to clients about finances. I often work with people and am comfortable taking as much time to wach my students succeed in their areas of focus. I graduated from Mary Baldwin Collegr with a Bachelor's of Arts with emphasis in Vocal Performance. If any student also needs or desires vocal training I may assist. Graduating GPA:3.7 Strong math abilitie...
20-Jul-2018York, PA +15 milesEducation Jobs
Hello! My name is Jessica and I have a passion for learning! I am currently in college pursuing my degree in early childhood education. My hobbies include multiple foreign language studies. I have studied French for 5 years, Spanish for 3yrs, and Italian for 1 yr. I also love writing and reading, but I am also proficient in math and science. I hope I can help you meet all your learning goals!
20-Jul-2018York, PA +15 milesEducation Jobs
I ve already build a strong foundation in areas of customer service, retail, sales, medical logistics and marketing. Also, for 7 yrs, I have been building a lot of experiences through Wal-Mart Stores, PA. USA. I ve become acquainted with management expertise and industry services. My major in Business Administration has given me the tools necessary to succeed in all Management and Supervision s...
20-Jul-2018Dover, PA +20 milesEducation Jobs
Patient and understanding, I have a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, minor in Sociology, flexible scheduling and will accommodate needs accordingly. I always hand wrote out notes for every class and averaged all A's every semester. I love to learn and also teach so I would make sure to make every learning background as enjoyable as possible to ensure learning retained for each subject.
20-Jul-2018York, PA +15 milesEducation Jobs
I have been an English and education tutor for 4 yrs while I was getting my degree in Deaf Education and Early Childhood education. I enjoy working with children and students pursuing higher education. I love learning and helping others learn-whether its assisting little kids in learning through fun activities or assisting college students with essays and papers. I am a hard-worker who is dedic...
20-Jul-2018Harrisburg, PA +21 milesEducation Jobs
Worked as an Esl tutor for 2 yrs. Substitute teacher for 2yrs in all ages in the Phila school district. Knowledge of working with learning disabled and ADHD children due 2 going through these challenges growing up.Have a bachelor degree from Penn State in education/social studies but can tudor in all areas.Currently a graduate school counseling student with 33 credits.
20-Jul-2018Harrisburg, PA +21 milesEducation Jobs
I am a graduate of Widener University with a bachelors in English. I have always loved reading and writing. Helping my peers edit and write papers has been 1 of my favorite activities because I get to do what I love while helping them learn more!
13-Jul-2018Harrisburg, PA +21 milesEducation Jobs
Connecting the Pieces, LLC is seeking full-time Behavior Specialists to join our team of highly qualified professionals to provide both direct client services and consultation to teams for special education students we serve in their homes, schools, and community. Candidates must have strong analytical abilities, programming, and communications skills. This is an amazing opportunity for anyone ...
3-Jan-2014Harrisburg, PA +21 milesEducation Jobs
QA Online Training is a unique process and is asset for students.Training is provided with expert trainers who are well versed in subject and professional in that course. Quality asurance is used to deliver the quality product to the client according to his requirements and budget. It makes sure that the software developed without any defects the primary focus of QA is on facilitation, training...
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